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Create a profitable lifestyle business for entrepreneural freedom.

Jumpstart Your Small Business

The Incubate program is designed to educate new and current small business owners in lean startup methodologies. The program focuses on building a sound business model that leads to job creation and a business that will last.


  • Must be a Minority founder with 51% ownership of their company and identify as Black American or of African decent

  • Company must be starting a closely-held small business

  • Company must obtain state LLC or S-Corp formation by the end of the program (We will help you with this)

  • Company must be willing and able to bootstrap

Consultant Firms & Professionals

Freelancers & Virtual Assistants

Retail Stores (eCommerce & Offline)

Home Improvement Services

Course Curriculum

This 9-month program will take you through several subjects catered to launching and growing a small business. There will be regular monthly meetings and you will have office hours with mentors to make sure you are on the right track.


Ideation - What is my business idea?

The ideation process of starting a business is fleshing out the idea by delving into purpose, motivation, expected results, and goals to make sure your idea makes sense for your life. Additionally, the best ideas solve problems so be sure you are addressing a real problem.

Customer Discovery - Who will buy my product or service?

Don’t just assume what customers want. Ask them! We provide you with the tools to go out in the market and ask questions of your customer base to be sure you are on the right track. Get real information for potential customers to help guide your business processes.

Validation - Is my idea a potential business?

To validate your business idea, you have to prove you have a problem that needs to be solved and that people will pay for the product or service to solve the problem. You will present your idea and be given the opportunity to pivot your business idea before development.

Revenue - How will I make money from my business?

Every business needs a path to making money. We provide you with the tools to test your revenue model in the market based on your industry and your product. Your model must prove to be long term sustainable and create an immediate profit margin (or pretty close to it).

Product Development - What is the actual product I am selling?

Developing your product includes fleshing out the products and services you can offer. You will learn how to keep the cost of running business low while maximizing your profit and time. Your product or service should take minimal investment to launch.

Branding - How will I present my product to customers?

Create a great name, logo, and brand for your business. We take you through the process of building your brand persona and creating a company customers easily recognize. Stand out in your industry!

Legal - How do I legally set up my business?

We will tackle the process of setting up a business and business formation details. We guide you through understanding the paperwork and make sure you are set up for all the possibilities of your business.

Marketing - How will I market my business?

Marketing is part art, part science. We show you how to use technology and guerrilla marketing to get your brand in front of potential customers. This class will help you with go to market strategy and launch.

Launch - Do I have what I need to launch?

Launch for most small businesses is the hardest part. We help you decide when the time is right and what you need to have an effective launch. The goal is to be profitable as soon as possible so how you launch is important.

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