To drive economic development in our communities, Bantunium Labs will be discontinuing the Accelerate program for new participants. We will continue our efforts and solely focus on the Incubate program for Small Business. Small business drives 95% of the companies in the United States, and we recognize it’s these small ventures that build communities. The hair care stores and restaurants in our neighborhoods support our municipalities and lead to the local reforms we need to grow as African Americans.

New Platform and Programs

  • New Virtual Platform: We’ve expanded our current virtual platform and will offer ala carte courses to specialize in necessary areas. We will also eliminate the pre-accelerator process and provide virtual incubation to cater to our international audience.
  • Webinar Series: We will be hosting webinars from industry professionals such as tax professionals, attorneys, and marketing gurus for better understanding of business processes. Knowledge is power and we want you to be powerful.
  • Membership Access: Incubation and access to our tools will be provided through a monthly membership or ala carte for resources. We will also host content from guest mentors and our partners for additional content.

Funding Opportunities

Our Business Bootcamp series will offer quarterly weekend boot camps to accelerate your small business. Participating companies can potentially gain a funding opportunity with up to $5,000 in funding for up to 10% capital interest. The goal of this program is to impact skilled worker services businesses such as cosmetologists, electricians, and journeymen. This is also an excellent program for small food service companies, consultants, freelancers, and more!

Investing Opportunities

We will be launching a cooperative funding program with Bantunium Ventures that will allow us to pool resources to fund small businesses and allow regular folks to be investors. The growth of Black-owned businesses is important to teach our generations how to be self-sufficient. It takes a village to raise one child, so we need several villages to grow a community. For as little as $100, you will be able to invest in another company, be strategic in their growth, and see real returns on your investment.

Giving Back

Our non-profit arm, Bantunium Foundation, will strategically focus on assisting with revitalizing small business in gentrifying areas and we plan to assist incubating companies with placement and aligning with local officials. Our first cities will be determined by March 2019, and we expect to partner with 5 cities a year. These partnerships seek to spark economic development in communities where Black-owned businesses are not well represented. We hope to foster real change.

Our goals for 2019 is to be more present in areas where we KNOW can affect change. We already know we are not afforded the same path as our counterparts. Let’s take advantage of that. Sign up for the early access program below and take the first step to growing your business.