Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for questions most entrepreneurs have about our programs.

What is the minority criteria for your progams?

Companies that wish to be apart of Bantunium Labs must be 51% owned and led by someone of African descent that identifies as Black American, African American, or of the African disapora.

What is the cost for your programs?

Each program has its own cost but we have broken the Program Fee into monthly payments of $100/month for the term of the program. Example: Incubate is a 9-month program so the program fee is $900. Accelerate is a 12-month program so the program fee is $1200.

What happens if I do not like the program or cannot keep up?

You are not obligated to complete the program and will not be liable for the remainder of the program fee if you leave the program before completion. However, there are no refunds of fees paid.

Will you take equity in my company?

The program itself does not require equity stake in your company. However, you may wish to add mentors as advisors that may require equity stake.

Does the program provide funding for me to start my business?

The program itself does not provide funding. However, we do have a venture arm that may invest in certain early stage companies after a minimum of 6 months in the program.

What happens when I complete the program?

Most companies will be launched by the time they complete the program. At that point, you become an alumni of Bantunium Labs and can continue to make the most of our mentor program and other resources as you continue to grow your business with new knowledge.

Will there be a demo day at the end of the program?

Yes! Since our program is both face to face and virtual, we do virtual demo days in which we broadcast live on Youtube to potential investors, customers, and much more.

How often are companies accepted to the program?

Quarterly. We accept up to 5 companies into Accelerate and up to 10 into Incubate. Keep checking the application for the new dates.

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