When Bantunium Labs started, no one could have told me 6 months ago that we would make it to today with such a drive from the community about the program. I just did not fathom the response would be so positive and so uplifting. Having the opportunity to converse with the registrants coming through the program has just been a phenomenal experience of intrigue, learning, and just plain connecting. We will be running a skeleton crew for this event due to unforeseen circumstances but we are confident that our first event will be a success and we hope that all registrants, in person or in video are just as excited as we are to make this next step.

Bantunium Labs is not just an idea. It’s a need, a hope, a dream that is coming to fruition for the needs of the African American community. Two phrases you will hear us say often: Each one, teach one and We provide boots and straps for your business. That’s what we are all about. From the smallest of children watching a parent start something great to the great grand parent eagerly rocking the branded shirt at a church function, we are building a community here. A network that everyone can be proud to be apart of and grow with. Older generations want to see use thrive and future generations need to see this hope.

Bantunium Labs is Excited!

We are scared, tired, excited, over joyed, and exhausted, but these boots won’t shine themselves. Bantunium Labs is determined to take the African American business to the next step. With the program we have built, hard work and mentorship should make this challenging but rewarding. So rewarding that you won’t mind the rigorous work you will need to put in to make your business grow.

See you all Saturday, 9am sharp!