Black Friday. It’s that time of the year again. A time where millions of customers line up to get their Christmas shopping done. This holiday is great for businesses and customers alike. On average, sales are known to increase up to 30%. In fact, the average consumer will spend $806.05 this holiday season!

But what does this mean for the local businesses? With proper planning, Black Friday can be a holiday where your business can win as well. Black businesses can succeed in receiving new customers and sales throughout this holiday. Follow these tips to make sure that your business is primed for success November 25.

Hold an Black Friday Event not a Sale

One common mistake we see small Black owned businesses make is using Black Friday as just a means to create a sale. While a sale on your products is sure to bring customers, more is needed. By taking an approach and offering something special, you should use this holiday to make an event! Making a store event requires a bit of creativity. However, it can be completed with proper planning.

Example: Owning a hair salon? Captivate your audience by hosting a hair party. During this event, customers can arrive to the store and receive a discount on getting their hair designed to the way that they like it.

Use Social Media to your Advantage

Social media allows for an even ground for promotion. While large businesses like Wal-mart can use social media to promote their products, small businesses can use it to fully engage with their customer. Platforms such as Facebook, can be used thoroughly to promote products. Facebook’s new feed algorithm allows for small businesses to create ads towards targeted audience. The best thing about this is that it allows you to direct your content at the right set of customers you are interested in.

Tip: For email marketing, speak about the upcoming event during your monthly newsletter to spark up interest. As your event nears, send a specific email discussing Black Friday deals and discounts to keep your customers excited.

We understand that as a small black business owner, this season can be stressful. However, it does not have to be that way. Plan accordingly and effectively and your business will compete with larger businesses and still succeed during the busiest shopping day of the year.