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Getting Funding While Black

Getting funding is not the easiest thing to do for a startup. Diversity challenges in the startup ecosystem notates that it’s even harder to get funded as a minority, much […]

Black Friday for Black Business

Black Friday. It’s that time of the year again. A time where millions of customers line up to get their Christmas shopping done. This holiday is great for businesses and […]

Vacation and Small Business

Being a small business owner is stressful. A little-known secret about businesses is that they take a vacation from time to time. Quick vacations allow for the small business owner […]

Startup Ethics – Interns

Interns are awesome. Free and low cost help is great. We love it. We yearn for it. We want more of it to reach our business goals. Interns are eager […]

Bantunium Labs Afrocentric Business Center Growth Hacking Customer Acquisition Plan

Growth Hacking 101 Part 1 – Customer Acquisition Plan

Every business has that breaking point where all channels of customer acquisition just aren’t working. Sure, you may have the income coming in to support what you have but can […]

Contractor Life At a Startup – Overworked and Underpaid

We all get excited when we see this great new technology that gets us going. It’s innovative, yet classic, and we want to be apart of everything they are doing! […]

The Art of the Boot Strap

One narrative we hear a lot as African Americans is “pick yourself up by the boot straps and be prosperous because anyone can do it.” There are some slight derivatives […]