The first step to a well planned business is education. At Bantunium Labs, the Incubate program is designed to educate new business owners and help you learn by doing in the process. This 6-week program focuses on the ideation process and customer discovery.

At the end of the program, you are given an opportunity to validate your business and you may be invited into the Accelerate program to continue developing your business.

Ideation - What is my business idea?

Every good business needs a good idea. The ideation process of starting a business is fleshing out the idea by delving into purpose, motivation, expected results, and goals to make sure you get started with a business idea that makes sense for your life. Your business idea should be the start of your story.

Customer Discovery - Who will buy my product or service?

Don't just assume what customers want. Ask them! We provide you with the tools to go out in the market and ask questions of your customer base to be sure you are on the right track. What's the point in wasting time to build a business people don't want? Get real information for potential customers to help guide your business processes.

Validation - Is my idea a potential business?

To validate your business idea, you have to prove you have a problem that needs to be solved and that people will pay for the product or service to solve the problem. You will present your premise of validation to a panel of mentors who will confirm or deny the validation. This process allows you time to possibly pivot on your business idea before development and is a great way to get feedback on your idea.

Excited? We are! Let's get started!

Limited to 50 participants per term. Program Fee:  $100