The Accelerate program offers direction, mentoring, capital, and long term assistance with your business. We mentor your business to MVP to push your brand into the market with planning and industry knowledge. We align with you and provide a support system for companies and founders on a social and business level. Be better prepared for future funding, peace of mind, and more!


Ethnicity: Majority owned and led by a founder of color

Location: Metro Atlanta, GA Local Only

Industry: eCommerce, mobile app, or web-based (if you don't know if you are considered this, just ask)

Time in Business: Pre-revenue

Funding Stage: Pre-seed

Equity: None required


Applicants undergo an interview process and are then inducted into the accelerator program based on either their completion of the Incubate program or their ability to demonstrate their company has a grasp of what it takes to run a startup company. We then take the company to the next level by providing cohesive mentorship. Companies will have weekly meetings with mentors, monthly meetings with peers, and gain access to a network of people and tools to help grow their business. After completion of the program, companies may become eligible for investment from the program.


Bantunium Labs has made a commitment to assist other organizations and accelerator programs with solving diversity and inclusion initiatives by providing highly vetted and prepared companies to help bolster their portfolios. Completion of the Accelerator program should see companies launched and ready for funding rounds with a clean capitalization table to go after larger investments to ensure success.

Ready to get started? Let's do it!

Limited to 10 companies per term. Program Fee:  $1200