solving diversity and inclusion

one ecosystem at a time

who we are

we are dedicated to enhancing diversity and inclusion in tech startup ecosystems across the world as a conduit for ethnic and gender balance.

what we do

we educate, support, and fund companies owned by underrepresented founders by aligning with programs and connections that will help them be successful.

what we want

we want underrepresented founders to have equal opportunities to excel so we bridge the gap between them and the ecosystem to promote growth.


we regularly hold classes and webinars to instruct potential founders on the knowledge they need to create startups. classes range from targeted topics to boot camps to introduce information that may not be common. we have also partnered with several organizations to insure a wealth of knowledge.


building a business is hard but we help make it easier. with regular workshops, support groups, and access to industry tools, fonuders get their company up and running faster with more streamlined processes. we create partnerships that help them grow as inexpensively as possible while creating relationships.


access to funding may be a challenge for minority founders and we seek to assist as much as possible. we connect with various angel networks to provide funding for businesses once they have reached a certain point of readiness. our funding sources are primarily investors seeking to solve diversity and inclusion.


in addition to our programs, we have created the Bantunium Foundation that offers scholarship opportunities, training to improve technology skills, and grants for pre-seed funding needs. Bantunium Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.