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Who We Are


Bantunium Labs is a 501(c)3 non-profit accelerator directed at the prosperity of pre-revenue Black owned startups. The lab offers industry specific research, development, seed funding, and tools to get businesses started in the right direction. For one year, businesses will be consistently mentored through the business processes with proven success. The more we seek to grow our communities, the more prosperity we can obtain.

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What We Do

You Will Pitch

The pitch starts the entire process for Bantunium Labs Afrocentric Accelerator. A commitment to your idea is how we determine your probable success and how we can best assist you with your goals. The pitch is your chance to shine. It's mostly informal but be prepared! You don't know who is in the room to invest in you!

You Are Accepted

Once accepted, founders are inducted into the program. For the next 12 months, companies are molded to be successful from the ground up with the help of mentors. Workshops and constant attention are given to companies to ensure each step in the startup process lend well to business success and fast tracked growth.

You Will Launch

Everything done to this point would be to jump start the business off as soundly as possible with the least overhead and maximum profit potential. Launch is your time to put months of action to practice and get your product to the market. Bantunium Labs has the tools and expertise to get you to your goals.

You Keep Your Equity

Unlike most accelerators, we don't require an equity share of your company. Instead, we provide seed funding through a convertible note/structured debt hybrid that gives you the money you need without giving up pieces of your company. We are a non-profit organization that is focused on driving you toward business success.

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Why We Exist

As a disenfranchised minority, it is important that we have programs to foster community growth. With the collective of people working together to advise new businesses, we can use the knowledge gained to better prepare the lives of our culture. Minorities do not have the same opportunities so we have to create them through collaborative efforts to inspire ideation and propel entrepreneurship.

Bantunium Labs seeks to educate and uplift so our culture can become self sufficient. Being pro-Black does not mean anti anything else. Our goal is to inspire diversity in entrepreneurship that can directly impact our surrounding and give coming generations something to reach for in their own growth. We provide hope for the hopeless with boots and straps to grow Black businesses.

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What You Need To Know

What is an Accelerator?

An accelerator is a program for start up companies that provides potential businesses with mentorship, education, and financial assistance to grow a business rapidly. The time frame to get the business from concept to open doors is usually very short but the program is built with a definite path to the end goal.

Why is Bantunium Labs Afrocentric?

Black owned businesses are more likely to fail than any other minority business so we felt it important to create a revolving network of opportunities for budding businesses. Bantunium Labs is not only for business growth but for community outreach and minority prosperity.

How often are sessions held?

New sessions are started twice a year (October and April) with 4 companies selected for each session.

How long is the program and how does my business complete everything?

The program lasts 1 year, in which we work strenuously to create a financially independent small business that can last. Continuous mentorship keeps businesses from potential failures and we are with you every step of the way. After completing the program, each company is encouraged to be in “grad school” for another year as mentors for incoming companies. Alumni of the program are always able to come back to the program for additional mentorship.

How can I become an advisor or mentor?

Contact us! We would greatly appreciate any input you can provide to the program and its participants.

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How You Can Contact Us

You have questions? We have answers. Contact us now about the program, volunteer opportunities, and other assistance.