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Who We Are

Bantunium Labs is designed to educate, assist, and propel the growth of Black-owned businesses in Atlanta. We focus on a wide array of industry types that allow us to assist many companies.

We partner with community leaders and subject matter professionals to bring you a wealth of knowledge so that you are prepared for entrepreneurship. Our goal is to close the gap of diversity and inclusion initiatives by turning out experienced companies that change lives.

Bantunium Labs Afrocentric Business Center

How You Will Succeed


Have a business idea? Let's get started. Incubate is a 6-week bootcamp that validates your business idea with potential customers. Additional classes teach marketing, product development, financing, pitching, and much more!


We select companies that have either completed the Incubate program or show exceptional progress to receive enhanced mentorship, funding, and exposure for traction. Scalable business models are nurtured with fast-tracked growth.

Other Programs

Idea Hunts/Hackathons

Create tech startups and small businesses around various topics that impact Black communities.

Dates: Monthly, Third Thursdays

Young CEO Corporation

Partnered with Dunta Robinson Foundation we offer a startup bootcamp for rising high school juniors and seniors.

Dates: July 10-21, 2017

AfroEconomic Forum

A showcase of Black-owned startups to become connected with the community and potential funding opportunities.

Dates: June 16-17, 2018

Our Purpose

Bantunium Labs seeks to be the bridge between the startup community and minority founders.

By providing education and mentorship, we can ensure the success of Black founders and adequately prepare them for the startup world.

For those seeking to diversify portfolios, you can be confident that a Bantunium Labs company will be prepared for success.

Solving diversity and inclusion initiatives

One business at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bantunium Labs Afrocentric?

Black-owned businesses are more likely to fail than any other minority business so we felt it important to create a revolving network of opportunities for budding businesses. Bantunium Labs is not only for business growth but for community outreach and minority prosperity. Additionally, we help other programs solve diversity problems by bringing the bridge between their program and minority startups.

How will the Incubate program help me start my business?

The Incubate program takes you from idea to launch, one step at a time. We help you learn the ins and outs of running a business, discovering your customer, and making mistakes before you invest significant time and money into something that may not launch.

Let us be your alpha testing phase to make sure you know as much as possible before taking the next step. For 12 months, you are nurtured and given an opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur. We are here for you!

How often are classes held in the Incubate program?

Classes in the Incubate program are held on the third Wednesday of every month in the afternoons and evenings with a monthly topic. The program has 10 classes and all classes are needed to complete the program. As the program grows, the classes will be offered more frequently each month.

How long is the Incubate program and how does my business complete everything?

The program lasts 1 year with 10 monthly classes and 1-2 months of building your business plan to graduate the program. You can start the program at any point in the process as class materials are not necessarily built in a particular order. The Incubate program is designed to educate you on all parts of the process so that you can start your business with an arsenal of knowledge and community support.

What is the company criteria for the Accelerator program?

The Accelerate program is designed to take companies to the next level so we expect companies to have the foundation. A company in the Accelerate program will likely have completed customer discovery, product development, and be in alpha testing of the program or service. Founders of these companies are very familiar with startup processes or have a good foundation of their company's needs.

Additionally, only high growth, scalable business models with 51% Black ownership are accepted into the Accelerator program. These companies usually have low overhead to minimum viable product or may already be at launch but need assistance to scale.

How can I become an advisor or mentor?

Contact us! We would greatly appreciate any input you can provide to the program and its participants.

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